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    healthcare services

    An Award winning
    electronic health record and
    e-prescription platform

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    Medica - Unique solution to transform the healthcare sector

    Medica for Doctors

    Medica for Hospitals

    Medica for Pharmacies

    Medica for Patients

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    Product Features

    Patient Management

    Medical Records Management

    Drug Management

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About us

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BlueVok Holdings Private Limited

We are driven by mission to improve the healthcare system with the best electronic health record and e-prescription platform.

Bluevok has been focusing on expanding our ability to aggregate clinical data and share it meaningfully, helping to make healthcare better for everyone. From clinical decision support to tracking meaningful use progress, our team is dedicated to providing insights that deliver better, safer and more efficient care.

Bluevok offers services that make healthcare better for everyone- not only for doctors and patients, but also for medical laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals and other members of the healthcare eco system. These partners utilize our product platform Medica, to help coordinate care and sponsor innovative programs that help improve patient outcome.

Medica - Unique solution to transform the healthcare sector

An award winning digital platform under the health and wellbeing category in the NBQSA 2017, Medica is uniquely positioned to transform the healthcare sector making it convenient to all parties involved in the healthcare system and is the #1 Electronic Health Record (EHR) and digital prescription platform in Sri Lanka. The system is developed locally, to suite the local healthcare industry, practices and standards.

Special Features: Coordinate patient care with a unified practice management system
Save time with Clinical workflows tailored to your needs
Get support from a dedicated successful team at your doorstep

  • Simple to use
  • Innovative
  • Cost effective
  • Linked to patient records
  • E-prescribe enable
  • Web based
  • Cross platform compatible

Other Features

  • Easy access to patients past medical history and medical test reports
  • Availability of important information such as Blood Group and Allergies
  • Centralized database with up-to-date list of drugs and medical tests.
  • Create your own favorite list on medical drugs and tests.
  • Create templates for commonly used prescriptions.

  • Zero investment for the system with free internet and hardware maintenance.
  • System integration with Pharmacies, medical test laboratories, leading hospitals and nursing homes, other physicians and channeling systems providing an integrated and more streamline information.
  • In built formats for referral and medical certificates
  • Locate finder of your dispensary/ Hospital in our web site & the Medica patients mobile applicationd
  • Share customized videos, Images or documents with your patients
  • Help share your medical knowledge with our followers on social media through videos, articles and other related activities.

Mobile Application

Medica Solutions
Medica service provides an end-to-end mobile prescription services by Iot technologies.

Our services

Medica for Hospitals

Effortlessly integrate Medica with your existing HIS/HMS system through intuitive API’s.

Medica for Doctors

Stay connected to your patients and deliver better care more efficiently with Medica HER and digital prescription platform.

Medica for Patients

Instantly access your records, get the latest updates to your health records from your doctor – from lab reports to prescriptions. Manage your health, with your health records when you need them.


Medica for Phamarcies

Automated prescription management solution for pharmacy. Medica by directly sending the electronic prescription to issue medicine efficiently including ERP solution.

Stay on the leading Edge of care with Medica



Your medical recods always on your pocket.

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